About Us

About Us

We engineer ideas. AppsStucco consistently combines collaboration, communications, brand and transactional expertise to think, build and execute integrated technology experiences that lead to tangible business results. We ignite and fuel the relationship between consumers and businesses, ensuring that they are symbiotic. Consumers are complicated. Highly emotional. They won't sit still. They want to feel valued. They want to be in a relationship, provided they get to call all of the shots. We empower every moment of their complicated, emotional, impulsive lives is technology.

We are centered around thought innovation, and are driven by a technology-centric mindset. It is a new kind of conversation spoken in a meta-language of unique skills across collaborative space and time. AppStucco is strategically, creatively and technologically fluent in that language. AppStucco takes a different approach to collaboration and interactive systems. We understand the need of end-users, and user experience intimately. AppStucco can make the majority of simple websites come to life. When you need to get your idea implemented quickly, you can take a look at our store for existing technology, modules, widgets and plugins. Or, you can contact us about creating a custom technology experience right for your organization.

Open Source runs in our DNA. It is our story and hopefully our legacy. AppStucco was born as an Open Source collaboration between engineers that want to change the world one line of code at a time, and since then it thrives with a growing worldwide community of active members, developers, and clients.

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