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Monday, 12 March 2012 15:40

The Road to LDAP for PyroCMS Featured

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The road was well... longer than I thought. I had put together a list of functionality that would make PyroCMS zing, and headed out on a journey that led me here. I had been developing Joomla!, Drupal, Zend Framework, and CodeIgniter applications for some time. I found myself gravitating to CodeIgniter more often than not, since it was just that easy to get something up and running. I had architected a few home-brewed CMS systems on top of CodeIgniter, but found myself re-doing stuff, refactoring, and re-editing. Hey, its my code, my art. I do what I want!

I started googling for CodeIgniter based CMS's and stumbled on a few. I tried all of them out. Some were forks of one or another, some were half-baked, some were half-witted. I discovered that PyroCMS was simply slick, easy to install, I could reuse ALL of my CodeIgniter helpers, and libraries. PyroCMS itself was still young but seemed to have been built with core principles and less ideology. CMS bashing gets the best of the CMSes, but it seems that PyroCMS community is either above that, don't have time to care, or both. Either way... "Winning."

I would say that 95% of the organizations I worked with or for use LDAP for their authentication. Whether they drank the Microsoft Kool Aid, and are on AcitveDirectory, or they are hacking their way through the command line with OpenLDAP on a CentOS server in the cloud, they all needed their CMS to talk to LDAP. I remember the days when Sam Moffatt, who is the core maintainer of the LDAP subsystem in Joomla! helped me get things tweaked for a specific LDAP structure and implementation at the time. That blew to doors open for so many Joomla implementations because that worked, and so and so CMS did not have LDAP. Simple as that.

Fast forwarding to now, LDAP is just a simple core feature of a CMS. PyroCMS already offers so much under the hood, but definitely has room to grow in the enterprise space. I had contacted Ben who is the maintainer of Ion_Auth for CodeIgniter and PyroCMS and he dug the idea of collaborating on LDAP for PyroCMS. We are releasing version 1.0 to GitHub so the community can help move it forward push PyroCMS to sights far beyond.

Look for an initial push to GitHub soon! We will announce it here. Stay tuned.

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Dan Lopez

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